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brianna, eighteen, single
i like cheetah print, red bulls, alcohol, marijuana, art, photographs, penguins, hookah, camal no 9's, my best friends; <3

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i’m glad you and i are not friends anymore. i’ve come to realize what a two faced, self centered bitch you really are. All those years were a waste of my time. all that shit you talk is a bunch of bull face lies. you can sit and run your mouth and say i will be at rutters all my life, when i won’t. i’m going to school. I did everything for you, i spent my hard earning money on your worthless peice of shit self. So stop telling people i treated you like shit when i never did at all. you used me, your a pathalocial liar. you can never admit to stuff you do,¬†because you don’t want to get in trouble. your like a little child. you were the biggest mistake i ever made. i didn’t bring you down. you brought your self down. your not a stoner, so stop bragging you are. it’s not something to be proud of. you take everything for granted and don’t appreciate anything people have done for you. keep talking shit, cause that’s all you ever do.

You want to sit and tell people I treated you like shit? Bitch I did everything for you!


Careful what you wish for, Simba




My new cover photo, had to switch to stupid timeline today.